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каталожен номер #A463 820 17 89

Навигация за Mercedes :


MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS W210 (1998-2002.1)

MERCEDES BENZ A-CLASS W168 (1998-2002.1)

MERCEDES BENZ C-CLASS W203 (2000-2005)

MERCEDES BENZ SLK-CLASS W170 (1998-2002.1)

MERCEDES BENZ CLK-CLASS C208 W208 (1996-2008)


MERCEDES BENZ G-CLASS W463 ( 2001 -2007 )


Product Functions

Item NO. 1101060267
Screen Dimension: 7.0 inch
Display Area: 152.4*91.44
Definition: 800*480
Pels: 2.65million
Type: TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Active Matrix,Light Penetration
Edge Illume: Cold Cathode Light
Colors System: NTSC/PAL Compatible
Temperature Range: -10°C--+50°C Centigrade
Save Temperature Range: -20°C--+60°C Centigrade
Touch Screen: Resistance& Press Simulate(Film+ Glass)
Manu language: English,Turkish,Spanish,Deutsch,French,Italiano,Portuguese,Russian
Manner: L1,C/A Code Gps Sps Standard Localizer Service
Receive Manner: 12channel
Receive Frequency: 1575.42mhz
Sensitive: -130dbm
Test Renovate Time: Once Each Second
Max Consume Current: 10.0a
Pressure: Dc12v(11v~16v)
Grounding Manner: Cathode Grounding Manner
External Image Input Level: 1v P-P/75 Ohm
The Max Input Level Of External Sound: 1.5v/22 K-Ohm
Image Output Level: 1v P-P/75 Ohm(White 100% Output /When Displaying Dvd)
The Max Output Of Power : 45 W*4
Load Impedance: 4 Ohm
The Max Output Level /Resistance Prefix: 2.0 V/100 Ohm
Equal Loudness Curve: 6db,(10khz)
Equalizer: 100hz-14~+6db,10khz±10db
Disk Format Supported: MPEG-4(DIVX),DVD,VCD,CD,Mp3,WMA,JPEG CD,CD-R,CD-R/W,DVD+R/-R
Signal Format(Sampling Frequency): (Dvd):48/96 Khz
(Cd):44.1 Khz
Signal Format(Quantum B It): (Dvd):16/20/24b It Beeline
(Cd):16b It Beeline
Frequency Feature: (Dvd):8hz ~44khz(± 1db)
(Cd):20hz~20khz(± 0.1/-0.3db)
S/N(Dvd):80db(1khz )
(Ihf-A Network)
(Cd):96db(1khz )
(Ihf-A Network)
Dynamic Bound: (Dvd):95db(1khz )
(Iec-A Curve/20khz Lpf)
(Iec-A Curve/20khz Lpf)
Harmonic Distortion Rate: 0.008%(1khz )
Channel : 2(Dimensional Sound)
Bluetooth Function Built-in hands free Bluetooth module,BT-Music,Phonebook,Call
IPOD Function YES (Support music)
Car Steering Wheel Control YES
Remote Control YES
Parking Camera Iutput Support YES
XM Satellite Raido YES
Analog TV Tuner NTSC
External Digital TV (Optional)

DVB-T MPEG4 Add (US$130)
DVB-T MPEG2 Add (US$80)
ASTC Add (US$80)
ISDB-T Add (US$80)

Receive Frequency Wave Band: (87.5mhz~108mhz)
Sensitive Degree: 9dbf(0.7μv/75ohm Single Channel S/N30db)
50db Sensitive Degree: 14dbf
S/N: 50dbMore than(Ihf-A Web)
Harmonic Distortion Rate: 0.3%(At 65dbf,1khz,Ster-Eo)
0.1%(At 65dbf,1khz,Mono)
Frequency Feature: 30hz~15000hz(±3db)
Dimensional Sound Distinguish: 45dbMore than(65dbf Input,1khz)
Receive Frequency Wave Band: 531khz ~1602khz (9khz )
522khz ~1620khz (10khz )
sensitive Degree: 18μv(S/N 20db)
Perform Selection: 50 Db(Ihf-A Network)
Antenna: Microwave Transmission, And Plane Antenna/ Right-Hand Circularly Polarized Wave
Antenna Length : 3.0m
DVD player 1 piece
Remote Control 1 piece
USB connector 1 piece
GPS antenna 1 piece
Manual 1 piece
IPOD Cable 1 piece
Power Cable 1 piece

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